"When I ask my Chinese Business Partner: Do you understand?
His answer is always "YES". How do I know if he really understood what we talked about?"

The differences in culture, language, norms and values are fascinating, especially when doing business abroad. But sometimes language barrier, cultural differences, transparency issues, the lack of information can slow down your international business and can cause many misunderstandings.

Your Op offers intercultural training sessions for you and your company to get more grip on cultural differences between Chinese and Western culture. We offer you guidelines to handle cultural differences and misunderstandings, and identify how to act in an intercultural environment. Through practical examples and insights, we formulate the right strategies. We work to optimize your communication and collaboration. Besides the do's and don'ts, Your Op knows the sensitivities of intercultural communication and we have several case studies on such matters.

In-house training and workshops are tailor made​​. For more information, please contact us.

We have offered our inhouse training and wordshops for companies/ organisations such as: NLR, DNW, KIT, LTO Nederland, Kamer van Koophandel, RVO, NVZ, Bencham, WTC Business Academy.