We make the market more transparent and provide hands on information for companies in order to make well considered decisions. The correct information is needed to implement the market strategy that suits the needs of your company.

Export plan (SIB traject)
Starters International Business is a coaching program for enterpreneurs who want to expand new markets and need more experience in doing business internationally. The SIB program is carried out on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO). As appointed coach, Your Op works together with you to get you prepared for international activities. The SIB voucher covers the consultancy costs and is therefore entirely free of charge for you as an entrepreneur. For more check the PPT below orĀ contact us.

Market Research and Market Entry

We analyze practical market data, map the foreign sales market and sales channels, and investigate local customs, competition and potential partners. This gives you a good picture of your market and the chance of success of your product.

Before entering the target market, we determine together which strategy fits best. What is the positioning? Are adjustments necessary and what about social media? We also examine which marketing and sales activities must be carried out for a successful market entrance.